Papalote Museo Del Niño

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In a city claimed to have more museums than any other on the planet, I guess it’s no surprise that at least one of them is dedicated entirely to children.
I’m not going to bore you with the deets, here it is in pictures.  Papalote Children’s Museum – a first-class, hands-on, multi-disciplinary, kid-centric, educational FUN zone in Mexico City.

Thomas made mega-bubbles

Thomas made mega-bubbles

and completed a grocery shopping challenge in a child-sized supermarket.

an invitation to build the city of the future

An invitation to build the city of the future in lego

house plus habitiat

resulted in this house + habitat

gyroscope art

He made art on a gyroscope

mini masterchef comes up with a recipe

came up with a recipe

and enjoys his creation

and enjoyed his sweet, sticky creation.


Human power lifts bowling balls to the top of the buliding

and gravity bring them back down again.

also at the top of the building

Also at the top of the building

and bought down by gravity

and bought down by gravity.


And finally, no visit to a science museum would be complete without taming the rays of a giant plasma globe.