Komodo, Komodo

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My five year old has a bucket list.
It mainly involves encounters with deadly animals.  I’d lay the blame squarely with Steve Backshall (presenter of BBC’s ‘Deadly 60’) but ever since I saw him in lycra on ‘Strictly come Dancing’, I could never be cross with him for anything.

No, it’s my fault really.  For letting my son believe that anything is possible.  He watches a documentary about Kakadu National Park, is engrossed and asks if we can see it for ourselves. I say “yes” and I make sure we do.  He comes to me and asks “Mum, do you think we will ever go to the Barossa Valley?”  I ask him why he wants to go and he answers “I read about the leaves on the grape vines fluttering like flags in the breeze and I’d like to see that”. And so we put The Barossa Valley on our list.

His number one, must do, talk-constantly-about bucket list item is to see his all time favourite animal, the world’s largest lizard – the Komodo Dragon.  (Now you know why there’s a great big lizard in the header up there.)

I’m not a massive fan of captive animals and try not to throw my money in the direction of organisations that keep them.  But when I noticed a brochure for San Diego Zoo that stated they had a Komodo dragon in their reptile section, my mind immediately started racing.  I thought about all the time, money and food-poisoning I could save myself by not having to actually go to Komodo Island in Indonesia to see one in it’s natural habitat.  I rang the zoo just to double-triple check that they did indeed have a Komodo Dragon on display and was informed they actually had TWO.  The tickets were booked, lunch packed, sunscreen applied and we were on the shuttle in under an hour.

SanDiegoThomasKomodoDragon0115-01BSee that large, comatose, vaguely reptile shaped object under the log on the right of the picture? That, my friends, is the animal of my son’s dreams. Seriously, just LOOK at his face!

SanDiegoZooKomodoDragon0115-01BThere was a smaller female which was little more active. Icing on the Komodo cake.

Of course, even thought the boy’s day/year was made, we still couldn’t leave without seeing every.single.animal in the zoo (handful of pictures below).  They threw us out at closing.

As we exited via the gift store, I asked the intrepid one what his favourite part of the day was. His reply? “I really liked seeing the Komodo Dragons, Mum… but I still want to go to Indonesia to see one IN THE WILD!”






  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that hippo photo! And the polar bear!! So great!

  • kate @ livinglovinglaughing

    ok, T’s smile in the komodo photos are just incredible. so happy and gleeful!!! ahhhh kids, of COURSE he still wants to go to indonesia lol/

    BUT THAT HIPPO PHOTO!! it stopped me in my tracks. how incredible!!!! loved it. and love how you encourage and facilitate T’s dreams :)

    • Aww, thanks Kate. You know, you are my parenting idol. If I’m not sure about how to handle something, I stop and ask myself “what would Kate do?” :)