Celestial Celestun

0 Posted by - 15/04/2015 - wanders

This is a five year old.  He is in a mangrove swamp, he has a bird guide and he Could. Not. Be. any happier.

We have left the colonial cities behind and are in Celestun Biosphere Reserve on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

We see bubblegum pink, rubbernecked, backward-kneed Flamingos.



With legs equally as long as their necks, they look like flying cruxes.

We play peekaboo with Pelicans

and catch glimpses of massive crocodilians, alarmingly close to where we swim!


We meet just returned fishermen,

and enjoy the winged chaos as they clean their catch.

We make time to dig holes and build castles and toss seaweed…

The boy is in heaven.

Me too!