Hi.  I’m Tarnya.  I do the writing and take all the pretty pictures you see here. I like to wander.  I took my first solo international flight at the ripe old age of four and have been pretty unstoppable since.

The little boy in all those pretty pictures?  He’s Thomas.  He is a wonderer.  Desperately wants to fill his massive head with facts, mainly about deadly animals (he begged me to put that Komodo Dragon in the header) but he will devour pretty much any snippet of information he can cast his mind upon.  He also happens to be blessed with not one, but two sets of wander genes inherited from me and from his father who loved to travel too.  His daddy made the ultimate journey far too soon.  Before Thomas even got to meet him.  We are honouring him by leading the fullest lives we can.

We usually live in Australia but have temporarily renounced home/work/school/any sense of responsibility and are spending a tremendous amount of hard-earned cash travelling the world because….. see above.


Right now, we are travelling, so I guess this is a travel blog. But it’s not one of those travel blogs. You know, the ones full of ‘how to’ and ‘top five things’. Honestly, if you want to know that stuff, try tripadvisor or google. They will do a far better job of informing you than I can. It is my blog so I reserve the right to change my mind at any point, but if you start seeing ‘listicles’ here you have permission to punch me in the keyboard.

Wonderwanders is our story. It’s won’t always be exciting or cheerful and it’s bound to get personal but it can get lonely out on the road, so we’d love it if you joined us.

Now, how about you? What’s your story? Click through to my Facebook page (Icon all the way up there on the right) and join in the discussion so we can get to know each other.

Thank you for having me!